GWA Anna-Marie Address to The Grand Lodge of Colorado

Given on Saturday, January 27, 2018

“I really wish you all could have been there. This past July, Colorado Rainbow re-instituted an old assembly in Gunnison, CO. It was the first institution in Colorado in over 30 years, and it was spectacular. I’ve heard that your Cornerstone Ceremonies are something to be seen and they are filled with rich history and symbolism, but you missed out on one of the greatest ceremonies that I have ever been privileged to witness. The institution of a new Assembly for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Some of the men in this room were able to attend this day, and they know exactly what I am talking about. The whole day was refreshing. We now have an Assembly filled with fresh minds, ideas, and perspectives that are already making this jurisdiction stronger. Colorado Rainbow is now growing rapidly and has been for the past two years. It is, as a whole, being filled with fresh minds, ideas, and perspectives in each assembly. In fact, Colorado Rainbow is currently ranked #3 in membership INTERNATIONALLY. There are 43 jurisdictions of Rainbow internationally and Colorado is growing faster and greater than 40 of them.

For those of you who do not know very much about Rainbow Girls, it is an organization that was founded by a Past Grand Master of Oklahoma who believed that there was something missing in the Masonic community. Unknown to him at the time, he created an international organization founded and based upon Masonic values, that girls around the world would use to make this world a better place. Rainbow is filled with young girls blossoming into women who take each of life’s thorns and transforms them into a bouquet of roses. These girls are strong, resourceful, talented young leaders that thrive on giving their time to their community and to God. They are a sisterhood, just like the brotherhood I am proud to see displayed in this very room. They are the girls who refuse to be seen by the world as just a pretty face in a pretty dress. They are Rainbow Girls.

I really want every single one of you to think about if you have any nieces, daughters, or granddaughters that you want to grow into a girl like the ones I am describing because I promise you, they will thank you for asking them to make one of the best decisions of their life.

My name is Anna-Marie Kistler, and I am your Grand Worthy Advisor of Colorado, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, and I am so proud to represent an organization filled with girls who are really going places, right here in Colorado.”

She wrote and gave by memory and with passion at Grand Lodge this last Saturday. She received a well-deserved standing ovation.

Colorado Grand Master Vern Turner & Colo GWA Anna-Marie Kistler