Grand Assembly of Colorado

Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life
sd-geniewilcox-a gwa-1b
Mrs. Genie A. Wilcox,
Supreme Deputy in Colorado
Miss Jasmine Carr,
Grand Worthy Advisor

Upcoming Events

29 Columbine Official Visit  See Flyer
13 Homecoming Official Visit @ Littleton
15 RSVP due for Grand Representative Sleepover see Sleepover page
20 2 pm   State Service Project & Tri-Youth Event
Senior Prom at the ESMRC
1 Ritual Entry Form are due. Ritual Competition Entry Form
8 3 pm    Grand Representative Sleepover/Cavalcade Practice at
Radiant Temple, 225 Acoma Denver, Colorado
9-11 Colorado Grand Assembly, Radisson Hotel Denver SE, 3155 South Vaughn Way, Aurora Colorado.
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